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I’m a native of Kansas City with a 15 year diversion to Greece, San Diego, The Bahamas, Los Angeles and back to Kansas City. My past has taken me from Scuba Instructor at Club Med to Nightclub Manager in Los Angeles to Marketing Manager for Vanguard Airlines to my current path in Real Estate with 10 years experience.

In my travels I have seen the best in architecture, city planning, development and people. In returning back to Kansas City, I recognized the tremendous talent, potential and character that our city has to offer. We truly are a world class city…and a well kept secret.

My schooling in lige has also taught me that the best way to bring people together is by being honest, fair and fun. With Real Estate, the same principals apply and the best way to bring together Buyers and Sellers is honesty, patience and finding a common ground that moves a property yet still makes both parties happy.

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