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  • Overland Park

    6832 Glenwood St.

  • Historic Northeast

    3915 Gladstone Boulevard

  • Stratford Estates

    6202 East 110th Street

  • Historic Northeast

    4410 Norledge Avenue

  • Armour Blvd Mansions

    1206 E Armour Blvd

  • Rockhill Gardens

    621 E Gregory Blvd

  • East Crossroads

    1517 Oak

  • Major Hudson Condos

    610 Shawnee Rd

  • East Crossroads PIEA

    1612 Grand Blvd

  • Midtown Car Lot

    817 East 31st St

  • St. Mary's Church

    800 North 5th

  • Freighthouse Flats

    2120 Wyandotte St #16

  • Valentine Neighborhood

    3723 Jefferson

  • Lakeview Estates

    5710 Oakview St


Welcome to CourtneyBeaumont.com

It's with passion, integrity and a commitment to improving Kansas City that I have served your Kansas City Residential and Commercial Real Estate needs since 2001. Please tour my site for up-to-date active Real Estate listings, leases, current projects and my picks for resources available to the Kansas City community. Again, thank you for visiting and I look forward to working with you now and in the future.

What My Clients Are Saying

  • Great Agent! Courtney is an upfront and honest person who is always accommodating and available.

    Drew and Angie Atkinson

  • I started working with Courtney 8 years ago and have never hired another agent since. Courtney sold or helped my group purchase over 10 properties and continues to surprise us with his commitment and professionalism. I would highly recommend him as an agent, both representing the buyer or the seller (as long as he is not negotiating against me).

    Shaul Jolles

    Jolles RE, OfficePort
  • Courtney Beaumont has been my realtor for 10 years in Kansas City. He has helped me purchase many properties and has smoothly handled each transaction. He truly goes above and beyond what would normally be expected of a realtor – he is always both looking out for my properties and looking for ways to improve the city where he lives. His work on local city improvement projects, and his continuing support of new commercial developments in the area make me proud to call him “my realtor”!!

    David Bachman

    Bachman Real Estate, New York, NY